You have probably already heard certain general rules such as “Never use essential oils for children”, “No essential oils for pregnant women”. These general rules are only valid if you don't know what's really going on. By default, be careful, do not use essential oil on sensitive users without really knowing what it is. However, know that each essential oil is unique! And YES, children and pregnant women can use certain essential oils. Others, however, are strictly prohibited. Two general rules, however, apply to all essential oils: never essential oil for a baby under 3 months & never essential oil for a pregnant woman under 3 months.

Pregnant women over 3 months

pregnant women

Essential oils during pregnancy

Pregnancy is certainly a magical and often wonderful time, but with it, the little inconveniences do not disappear! And more serious illnesses such as bronchitis, flu or toothache can also affect poor future mothers because few medications are authorized for them. Ladies, essential oils, used correctly, will relieve you. It remains to be seen... which ones are recommended and which ones are not!

Essential oils for pregnant women

Which ones can I use? When ? How ?

Babies over 3 months


Essential oils for infants

Once the basic rule "No essential oil for babies under 3 months" has been integrated, we find essential oils adapted to relieve the little ones among us. Of course, application and dosage precautions must be considered. But to combat infant colic, fever, difficulty falling asleep or even hiccups, essential oils can provide an effective solution while remaining gentle enough for baby. It remains to be seen... which ones to use!

Essential oils for babies

Absolutely read before using any EO on a baby!

Children over 3 years old


Essential oils for children

Children also have the right to benefit from the benefits of essential oils. Whether to remedy small everyday inconveniences such as bruises and bumps, or more serious problems of fever or gastrointestinal tract, you will find natural solutions by turning to essential oils with analgesic, anti-inflammatory or antispasmodic properties and allowed to children.
As always when it comes to children, let's give them the best but in complete safety. It remains to be seen... how to do it!

Essential oils for children

Pepper mint ? No. Real Lavender? Of course !

In case of hormone-dependent pathologies


Essential oils in case of hormone-dependent pathologies

For some people, precautions for using essential oils are all the more important to take into consideration because of a not very happy medical history or chronic pathologies that are difficult to bear on a daily basis. Essential oils are composed of aromatic molecules that can act on our body at the hormonal system (or endocrine system). In some cases, these can be very useful, particularly in regulating the female hormonal system, but in other cases, they should be avoided. So how do you use essential oils safely? Follow the leader...

Essential oils in case of hormone-dependent pathologies

Which ones are safe for me to use?

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Work : de la Charie, T. (2019). Treat yourself with essential oils. Why and how does it work? Editions du Rocher.

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