La Compagnie des Sens is committed to respecting your privacy and the protection of your personal data. Below you will find all the necessary information regarding the cookies collected on our site: what they are, what they are used for and how we use them.

Cookies are small text files sent by a website and stored in the memory of your browser (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, etc.). Cookies have several functions: some  cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of a website, some cookies are not necessary but allow you to optimize the functioning of a site, and finally some cookies are only used to collect information on the websites that you visit. We can distinguish three types of cookies, described below.

  • Functional/necessary cookies.
  • Analytical cookies
  • Advertising/marketing cookies 

It is important to emphasize that these cookies can be placed by La Compagnie des Sens, but also by partners of which you will find a list further down on this page.

The different types of cookies

Necessary cookies

Cookies necessary for the proper functioning of our website are used. For example, a cookie is necessary for user authentication. When you log in to our site, a cookie is stored in your browser, including data that the web uses to remember who you are when you go to another internal page or refresh the site. Other examples, we use a cookie to remember what you have put in your basket, and one to ensure the proper functioning of our instant messaging service.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are not strictly necessary for your use, but are very useful for us to check that our site is working well, to know how many people have visited a page, etc. Without these cookies, we are completely blind to what is happening on our site. Rest assured, these cookies are completely anonymous. They simply allow us to analyze your behavior on our site and your use of the services and tools that we make available to you.

Marketing cookies

These cookies allow us to better understand your interests, and to offer you more relevant advice and products. They are of course anonymous and impersonal. However, you can deactivate them without problem. This doesn't bother us and we understand very well!

List of our partners depositing cookies

  • Google Analytics : Google Analytics uses cookies to produce traffic statistics and retargeting audiences.
  • Google Ads : Google sets cookies to enable tracking of advertising campaigns on Google and on the network of their partners after a visit to our site.
  • Microsoft bing ads : Microsoft Ads sets cookies to enable tracking of advertising campaigns on Bing and on their partners' networks after a visit to our site.

How to manage your cookies?

Normally, you should have a pop-up when you log in, asking you to validate or configure the use of cookies. However, you can change your choice by following these tutorials, depending on the browser you are using: 

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