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Essential oils guide
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Essential oils

Essential oils are numerous and complex: how do you know which one to use? how to use it ? La Compagnie des Sens has developed a powerful pedagogy allowing you to clarify these questions in just a few clicks.

The essential oils guide
vegetable oils guide
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Vegetable oils

Vegetable oils are less powerful than their cousins, essential oils, but that's also why we love them! What do they contain? How to use them for the skin? and the hair ? What precautions? This guide will make you a pro in this (fat) subject!

The guide to vegetable oils
Hydrosols guide
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Hydrosols are obtained by steam distillation of plants, at the same time as essential oils. They only contain a tiny part of aromatic molecules, which is why they are part of aromatherapy, but a gentle version! Often used in cosmetics, they have many other benefits… 

The guide to hydrosols
gemmotherapy buds guide
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A close cousin of aromatherapy, gemmotherapy uses the power contained in plant buds to promote health and well-being. Mainly used to relieve chronic conditions and rebalance the body, bud macerates complement essential oils!

The guide to gemmotherapy
clay guide
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The clays

Better known today for their use in cosmetic care, clays also have great therapeutic benefits. Would you like to know which clay to choose? But also know the origin of their power? Composition, structure, properties and main uses, dive into the discovery of clays!

The clay guide
dried plants
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Medicinal plants

Drying fresh plants allows you to overcome their seasonality. We can thus keep them longer, and benefit from their benefits all year round. To extract the active compounds, there is no need for a complex extraction system. A saucepan, a cup and hot water are enough to make an infusion! Which plant to use? How to prepare it properly so as not to alter it?

The guide to dried plants
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Good health requires above all a healthy, varied and balanced diet. Food is therefore an essential basis for our health. Superfoods, as foods particularly rich in nutrients, help to preserve and improve health, well-being, tone and vitality. But then, what is a superfood? Why consume them and above all how to choose them?

The Superfoods Guide
basics of nutrition
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The basics of nutrition

Health comes from the plate! We know better and better the links between nutrition and health. Numerous studies show the impact of nutritional factors on the occurrence of certain diseases and, conversely, other studies prove the benefit of certain foods, nutrients and behaviors in preventing pathologies.

The basics of nutrition
essential oil diffuser guide
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How to choose your diffuser?

How to choose the right essential oil diffuser? Vast world in which we quickly drown! Understand what makes them so successful or, on the contrary, good for nothing! We wanted to offer you a complete file to guide you well.

The guide to HE broadcasters
books essential oils guide
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Even if the internet (and especially our site!) is full of information on essential oils, vegetable oils, clays and even gemmotherapy, are you looking for the book that will allow you to take your knowledge even further? That’s good, the Compagnie des Sens helps you choose the one that suits you best!

The book guide
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Apitherapy, from the Latin “apis” “bee” and the Greek “therapia” “care”, is the treatment with various products from the hive, and they are of great therapeutic interest: royal jelly, propolis, pollen, honey, wax and even venom will be used for their different properties and particularities.

The apitherapy guide
natural cosmetics guide
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Homemade natural cosmetics

What raw materials for natural homemade cosmetics? How to choose the right ingredients to make your own natural and organic cosmetics? What precautions should be taken during manufacturing? Which recipes should you choose based on your skin and hair type? All the answers can be found in this guide!

The guide to natural cosmetic products