Since its creation in 2013, Compagnie des Sens has aimed to democratize the use of natural products for therapeutic and cosmetic purposes (essential oils, vegetable oils, hydrosols, phytotherapy, etc.). To achieve this objective, the Compagnie des Sens team has always been made up of a team of experts. Pharmacists, engineers, biochemists, agronomists,... the plurality of profiles which have succeeded one another have made it possible to build a knowledge base which is continually enriched. This requires constant monitoring which allows us to guarantee the writing of specialized advice, updated regularly according to scientific and regulatory news. Even today, it is our experts who take care of the thousands of pages of advice on our website and who answer your questions on the forum.

This article was updated on 06/03/2024

Comprehensive bibliographical summary

Our team of experts works every day to provide our visitors with clear, easily accessible, accurate and scientifically documented information on the use of these products. for this, we rely on several types of information sources:

  • books and scientific reference works;
  • scientific articles from reputable journals;
  • specialized websites;
  • official scientific databases.

For each advice page on our site, the Compagnie des Sens team of experts studies in detail all the sources available on the subject in order to produce a reliable synthesis of the knowledge that we can then popularize. Each page is written under the responsibility of an expert in the corresponding field and requires more than 20 hours of research, writing, discussions and revision.

Permanent scientific and regulatory monitoring

Aromatherapy, herbal medicine, but also natural cosmetics are the fruit of hundreds of years of traditional uses. But modern science tries every day to unravel its mysteries. In simple terms, we know that it works, but without necessarily knowing how it works. So, we search.

The Compagnie des Sens experts therefore follow the progress of research in these areas day after day, always with the aim of popularizing the content among the general public by updating and supplementing the information available on our site. Each member of the team of experts is therefore specialized in one or more areas (essential oils, vegetable oils, natural cosmetics, phytotherapy, etc.) and updates their knowledge daily to provide ever more precise answers to customer questions. visitors.

Likewise, our regulatory and quality department monitors daily developments in knowledge regarding potential risks (allergens, CMR substances, biodiversity) to ensure user safety.

Regular exchanges with recognized professionals and practitioners

To be able to progress every day in the knowledge of natural health and cosmetic products, our team of experts regularly exchanges with a network of professional practitioners (aromatologists, doctors of pharmacy, trainers in natural cosmetics, etc.) as well as with our loyal customers to always be at the forefront of user knowledge and experiences.

These exchanges also allow us to be at the forefront of evolving practices and the effectiveness of innovative methods and to keep our advice up to date.

The works of the Compagnie des Sens

The advice of our experts is not only available on our website since they participated in the writing of 4 books so that you can access them even without connection.

200 synergies of essential oils, daily aromatherapy

This booklet brings together advice, a precautionary guide on essential oils as well as 200 detailed aromatherapy recipes, classified by user type. 

A short guide to natural cosmetics with essential oils

This booklet brings together 101 natural cosmetic recipes with essential and vegetable oils that are simple to prepare with a minimum of ingredients. 

Treat yourself with essential oils

Through a detailed description of their biochemical composition and their properties, we (re)discover 100 essential oils, 20 vegetable oils and 100 aromatherapy synergies. 

A short guide to essential and vegetable oils

This booklet of almost 200 pages gives you for each essential or vegetable oil its technical characteristics, its properties and its precautions for use. 

Our international advice

La Compagnie des Sens wants its expertise to spread throughout the world. Our advice is therefore available in 4 languages: 

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