La Compagnie des Sens is a Lyon-based company whose objective, for 8 years, has been to enable everyone to use plants in their daily lives. Essential oils, bud macerates, medicinal plants, hydrosols, dried fruits, superfoods: Nature offers so many wonders to take care of your health! Our ambition is to put you in touch with her.

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Why do we exist?

Every business exists for its own reason. Here is ours: allow you to discover all the good that plants can do for you

Understand why
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Who are we ?

We are a small company of 40 people, in Lyon. And although it's not fashionable on the internet, we do everything ourselves in order to provide you with a consistent and complete service, a human service.

See our faces!
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Perfect quality products

Offering you extracts with the expected properties requires the implementation of drastic… and unique quality processes! Each batch that we package has thus survived a very rigorous selection, even if it means accepting out of stock if the raw material does not meet our demanding quality criteria. We never compromise, we never take the risk that these wonderful products that nature offers us will disappoint you. This is why we are not afraid to say it, we are even very proud of it: our products are of exceptional quality. 

Our quality approach
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Precise expertise for comprehensive teaching

Our site brings together thousands of pages of advice, scrutinizing everything we have been able to learn about the properties, uses and precautions of several hundred plants and their concentrates. All this for one purpose: provide you with precise, comprehensive and easy-to-understand advice! We want these natural extracts to become accessible to all, by popularizing as much as possible the delicate biochemical questions hidden behind each plant, but also to respond to those who, more experts or more curious, like us, want to understand how it works.

How are our advice written?

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